Portable Databases

For a great database solution for your mobile devices, try out General DB. It lets you download and import text files, databases, or SQL files. You can then view, edit, or delete your rows, or add more rows, or create views, execute queries, and much more.

Private DB is a similar app but is read-only which prevents your users from tampering with the data you distribute.

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Great UI and a Great Import Capability

by Smarrt Mike - Version 2.9 - Sep 23, 2013

... Very powerful SQL implementation. I am very happy with this app so far!

We can also customize these apps for your company's needs, like we recently did with Antibiograms.

One of our apps, Garden Tracker, is very popular in the gardening world and has been featured in The NY Times, Fox News, and The Wall Street Journal, and the April 2013 print issue of Wired magazine.